3 Most Common Content Marketing Lies & Mistakes


What if I told you that content marketing leads to more sales? It does, if that’s your goal. For so many people though they are just doing content for contents sake instead of strategically using content to achieve their marketing goals.


1. Not having any Particular Person in-charge – this peson is responsible for watching over and implementing your     content marketing
2. Not putting valuable content – just doing content for contents sake
3. Inconsistency – in putting out content, voice (corporate or personal)


  • New Podcast Format - Justin an Michelle will be teaching a course for ‘x’ weeks in a row

How Much Growth Hacking is Too Much


Are you doing things to your product, website, or member’s area to make it grow more? This week we’re talking about growth hacking gone bad.

Wrap Genius

GROWTH HACK  : they were doing link building too aggressively. One of their growth hacks was helping them build links.

GONE BAD : Google said no because it’s a violation of their terms and service. They got knocked out of the search results page

Tell-a-Friend Script 

GROWTH HACK : We would install that on our thank you page FREE report – then they get brough to a tell a friend script (e.g. tell 3 friends and we’ll give you a FREE report)

GONE BAD : people don’t like that and they get angry. They say nasty things about you and your business.


GROWTH HACK : It sent messages to people like, ‘You need to see this’. And then it had a link to the app.

GONE BAD : Super misleading. It looks like your friend is texting you but when you click on it it links to an app. It may have led to a lot of downloads but it gained a lot of angry people as well.

SUMMARY: We all want growth in our business, but we have to be respectful in the way that we do it.


  • How is the person on the other side going to feel about this technique?
  • Would you want other people using this on you?
  • If your growth hacking technique is doing really well, is it still cool? is it still respectuful? is it still permission-based?


  • One Minute Manager  - great book to read if you’re thinking of growing your business to include any kind of managing VA’s
  • Man Drill - built by the people at Mailchimp. It’s a mass email tool.
  • Growth Hackers - a community of growth hackers where they post all of their articles, they have forum threads, new trends, etc.

Look Ahead: 5 Predictions For 2014


Justin and Michelle kick off of the new year with a look into their 2014 crystal ball. They’re making predictions on what will happen in the year ahead. Are you ready for this?


1. ISPs will require Email Segmentation
2. A decline in Facebook
3. Content Marketing Boom (Advertising)
4. Pinterest Paid Advertising
5. Google+ is Not Going To Go Away Anytime Soon


  • Hackpad.com – it’s like a notepad for you to write on, but it’s collaborative.
  • Buffer & Mention team up – if you have a buffer account, it will also tell you when your brand has been mentioned.

2013 Biggest Successes


In this episode, Justin and Michelle continue their end of the year wrap up on 2013 Biggest Successes.



  • After people opt-in to my squeeze page, they get redirected to a thank you page that has a like button to my FB fanpage. RESULT: I increased my subscribers from 2000+ to 4000+ within 90 days
  • I priced out my bad customers. RESULT: It attracted the right customer.


  • Running a full-fledged service provider business. RESULT: I got to help a lot of small and large businesses around the world, and built up a big team that’s supporting a lot of families
  • Creating a team that is working for me. I hired a very efficient team manager that oversees everything RESULT: I get an efficient operation


The Hard Learned Business Lessons 2013 Taught Us


We’re wrapping up the end of the year with a series on 2013 failures, lessons, and successes. In this episode, Justin and Michelle share their biggest mistake they made this year, the lessons learned, and how they’re fixing them.



  • inconsistency in publishing
  • not sticking to the core


  • be consistent in publishing
  • stick to the core


  • A team member now puts the blog post together, and my job is to check it before it gets published
  • Write down your primary aim and constantly remind yourself of that


Essential Tools for Great Customer Service


Customer service is essential in every business because customers can make or break your business. In this episode, Justin and Michelle talk about customer service: the tools you use, the processes, how to do it, how to take care of angry customers and all that good stuff.



  • email
  • phone
  • Ticketing system: kayako, zendesk – it allows you to have a paper trail, look back into the ticket history


  • we have someone from the Philippines that works during our night time which is where all the bulk of support tickets come through.
  • If your support person doesn’t know the answer to a question, make him/her create a ‘propose reply’ – the absolute best response that she can think of given her current knowledge and then have her send it to you, look it over and make some adjustments if needed.


  • 91% of people are satisfied with customer service provided via phone
  • 81% of people are satisfied with customer service provided via twitter
  • 74% of people are satisfied with customer service provided via Facebook


  • people that are least satisfied with their support are people who submitted that request around 5 or 6 pm. because they have to wait until around 10am the next day to get a response.
  • try to make them happy as quickly as you can and give them something for their inconvenience.
  • a more human response instead of a flat, robotic response often diffuses the situation and creates more positive response
  • the angrier they are, the more they actually love your product. When you get in the way of making them happy, they’ll turn out to be your best customers
  • When they have a complain:
    >agree with them and acknowledge the problem
    >tell them how you’re going to fix the problem
    >offer them something valuable (peace offering) that would make them happy
    >ask them if there is something else you can do for them


  • Pinterest introduces place pins - what it does is you make a place board and it adds a map that you can link your existing pins to. A great resource for local business or travel planning
  • Coin - great for people with too many credit and debit cards. This card puts all of the information from your credit cards and debit cards into one card

What To Say On Your Facebook Fan Page


What do you say on your Facebook fan page? In this episode, Justin and Michelle talk about how to come up with content that is engaging, and that people will like, comment, and talk about.


  • It’s not just about posting something on your page. You have to get them to interact with you.
  • It has to be a continued process as your audience grows
  • Always look into your page insights and see if what you’re doing is still working, and make the necessary adjustments
  • Do not saturate your audience with the same thing over and over again (e.g. call to action, funny pictures, etc.)
  • Add a little personality to your post that only you can do
  • Show lots of different sides. Motivational. Educaitonal, Controversial, Funny, Inspirational
  • Where to get ideas: pinterest, tumblr, youtube, etc.
  • Post 60-80% content, and 20-30% promotional
  • Ask questions


  • Share Grab - a tool that lets you out in facebook pages and then it will compile, analyze all the content and suggest to you which is the best stuff of those pages.
  • WeVideo.com - makes video creation accessible to everyone, using cloud-based technologies to make it easier, faster and more convenient.
  • 100 Content prompts downloadable


Cheat At Copywriting With These Copy Hacks


It’s one of the most hated topics, but it’s so essential in an online business. In this episode, Justin and Michelle talk about copywriting and how people can get around it.


  • Myth: Create a good product and you will get the traffic and sales.
    Fact: If the salescopy isn’t interesting, it’s not going to stand out in the crowd.
  • Myth: Copywriting involves writing in a hypey, fancy, or special way.
    Fact: Copywriting involves being able to describe in the most simplest way so people reading it would understand.
  • Find a format that has already worked and compile them into swipe files. Put your own words in them for your own marketing.


  • Hover Pin-It plugin -a WordPress plugin that add the little Pinterest button on your blog posts
  • Social Locker -comes in free and paid version. you can lock a portion of your blog post unless someone tweets, Facebook, Google+ your blog post. great way to get more social shares for your site


Starting From Scratch? Here Are Smart Ways To Do It


In this episode, Justin and Michelle talk about what to do if they had to start all over again …No List, No Website, No Contacts, No Authority.


  • If you were just starting out today with no list, no website, no contacts, no authority in the marketplace but I needed to make money quickly, it would be good to take advantage of arbitrage. And that would be the arbitrage between the skill sets in developing countries and here. Post your services on wherever people are looking to hire people and then develop a team overseas who could execute that.
  • The service or software business would be the safest route today if you’re starting from scratch
  • If you build the biggest fan page in your market and you don’t have to sell, people who do have something to sell will contact you and pay you for advertising their products/services


  • Mobility WOD (start at Episode 1!) - there are great exercises on this site that are basic and can be easily followed.
  • FB retargeting - FB is releasing their own retargeting – what it does is they will give you a code to put in your website and you will be able to retarget people, build a custom audience on your website, and run custom campaigns for them right through Facebook.

Clever Responses to Trolls, Haters, & Critics


Whenever you put your stuff out there, people are going to give you feedback. In this episode, Justin and Michelle talk about how to cleverly respond to trolls, haters, and critics, and how to move past it.


  • You just have to take it in strides. Don’t let it get to you, because some people are just literally playing a game on the internet about what buttons they can push to try ad get a reaction – so don’t play their game.
  • The criticism that can be most hurtful can be the kind of stuff that does have a little grain of truth to it.
  • Try to use humor to weasel out of situations. Attacking will just encourage them to attack even more.
  • If it’s really bad, you can just delete them or block them – you have total control of it.


  • AutrePress – It creates social media images for appropriate sizes for every medium.
  • Friendbuy.com – a tool that allows you to embed on your thank you page, software, app an affiliate program.